I have a pretty good idea what I want to do. How can I start to make the change towards a new career?

Chances are you don’t have your dream job already lined up, so you’ll need to identify a series of manageable, achievable steps that get you steadily closer to it. A good plan will help keep you motivated and give you a greater sense of progress and purpose. It might include, for example, evaluating cashflow and money concerns, research and networking, education and training, a job hunting strategy – whatever you need to consider and act upon to turn your idea into reality. 

Ultimately though, the only reliable way to find out if you’re really passionate about something is getting the chance to try it, ideally without taking too many risks. This means fitting in work experience or training around your day job. 

This might involve taking on an internship, volunteering, freelancing in your spare time, training or gaining qualifications. If you are confident you are on the right path, you might go down to working part-time. Otherwise, you might fit it into evenings, weekends or annual leave. If you are lucky, there may be training and development opportunities provided by your current employer which would be useful to you when you start out in your new career. 

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