Adopting or having a child through surrogacy? Make sure you know your rights

Eagle-eyed users of this website might have clocked the fact that rights for new parents took a more flexible turn in April. Now, if you’re looking forward to welcoming a new member to your family soon through adoption or surrogacy, we’ve put all the information you need in a couple of handy Know Your Rights guides which you can find at the bottom of this blog post (although you can of course still always find all the latest information in the extensive Family-friendly Work section of this website).

Download the guides below to find out if you and/or your partner are entitled to:

  • time off to attend adoption appointments or antenatal appointments with the surrogate mother;
  • paid adoption leave;
  • paternity leave;
  • shared parental leave and pay;
  • unpaid parental leave;
  • the right to request flexible working; and/or
  • emergency time off for dependants.

We’ve got your minimum statutory rights covered, but in many cases your particular employer will have better terms, so don’t forget to check your contract. (And just for the record, organisations that recognises a trade union are more likely to offer their staff better than the legal minimum.)

Download Know Your Rights: Time off and pay for adoptive parents (PDF, 143KB)

Download Know Your Rights: Time off and pay for parents having a child through surrogacy (PDF, 154KB)

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