And the dress code is... stripes

If you've ever felt fed up with your boring suit, or hideous uniform, spare a thought for Chen Nong, who has to wear the same stripey t-shirt every day to get his job done.

Chen, an employee of Wuhan Zoo, in China has been forced into stripes every day, not by his employer, but by his demanding charge – a baby zebra. The zebra foal, named 'Little Five' after the number of days his mother lived to see him, will only accept milk when his feeder is wearing the striped shirt. Says Chen, "He also looks for nipples on me. I had to give him my thumbs."

Thankfully, most of us aren't forced to wear the same stripes every day, but if it's in your contract, your employer can lay down rules about how you dress for work. If there is  a uniform or dress code it will usually be to give a good, consistent, professional image to customers or the public. Check your contract or staff handbook to make sure you know what the rules are. And if the rules say something vague, like 'smart dress', query it, as your idea of smart may not be the same as your boss's. Visit our rights pages for more information on dress regulations and codes.

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