Attack of the mucus troopers!

pill packet

You know those unpleasant, macho TV ads we've had in recent years, where employees chug super-strength cold remedies in order to drag themselves to their desks, thus avoiding the sack for being a sniffly wimp? Well, here's a nice antidote to them from retro syrup makers Covonia, whose latest PR survey of 4,000 office staff shows that in real life, nobody wants a mucus trooper on the desk next to them.

One third of the people they asked believe they've picked up a cold from a colleague, and three quarters think rather unkindly of their office's walking infections, and wish they'd just take their germs home with them til they felt better. The survey found the average worker gets two colds a year on average, and spends 13 days feeling icky - most of which are spent at work, as people are reluctant to take time off to mend - generally a bit dim, as by tiring yourself out you just end up prolonging their cold as well as spluttering over your unappreciative colleagues.

Feeling under the weather? Then reach for our special colds and flu at work advice section.

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