Decent Jobs Week: one to watch, two to do

Decent Jobs Week

Millions of people in the UK are trapped in low-paid, insecure work. Right now, Decent Jobs Week (15-21 December) is coming to the end of 7 days of shining a light on our growing jobs crisis. If you’re short on time, our friends at the Communication Workers Union (CWU) have condensed the main headlines of the campaign into a helpful 2-minute video. 

Help get decent jobs for Amazon workers

One particularly high-profile employer not exactly covering itself in glory right now is Amazon. Quite aside from their dubious record on tax avoidance, the online retail giant is currently employing tens of thousands of people, mostly on minimum wage temporary contracts and at arm’s length through agencies. These employment practices lock people into the revolving door of low-paid temporary work and Job Seekers Allowance. Join the GMB union’s call for a job guarantee contract that treats temporary staff with respect and gives them security at work without the need to claim ‘in work’ benefits.

Take action: help win decent jobs for Amazon workers

Demand an end to the scandal of illegally underpaid care workers

Many of those who care for the most vulnerable people in the UK are not even paid the National Minimum Wage. It’s not just unfair, it’s illegal! Join us to demand that Trade and Industry Secretary Vince Cable instructs HM Revenue and Customs to investigate the underpayment of 220,000 care workers and catch the criminal care employers responsible.

Take action: help catch the criminal care employers

Last, but definitely not least… There are still Decent Jobs Week events happening nationwide. Find out what’s on near you and get involved.

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