Deuced by Dilbert

Dilbert cartoon - Copyright Scott Adams, Distributed UFS Inc

Chances are that if you walk round most offices, you'll see a couple of Dilbert cartoons posted on the walls. Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoon strip first appeared in 1989, and his 3 panel adventures have graced the funnies pages of over 1500 newspapers and magazines, lampooning the people and processes of the modern business world. No matter the work situation, there's a cartoon to cover it. Even it seems, one ready-made for those workplaces managed by "a bunch of drunken lemurs". However, things are taken a little more seriously at Catfish Bend Casinos in Burlington, Iowa, where (former) Security Supervisor David Steward pinned the above cartoon to the office notice board. The mood had soured after an announcement of large scale lay-offs, and Steward claimed he was trying to raise employee spirits a little with the cartoon. The casino managers were incensed by the cartoon, and set about watching the previous day's CCTV footage to see who had posted it (thereby nicely demonstrating the cartoon's punchline). Steward got sacked straight away. The whole thing came out when Steward had to go to court to prove he'd just been stupid rather then malicious, and should qualify for unemployment benefit. Casino HR manager, Steve Morley, testified: "Basically, he was accusing the decision-makers of being drunken lemurs. We consider that misconduct when you insult your employer." More from the Des Moines Register, and you can read Scott Adams' own take on the episode on the Dilbert Blog.