I'm a contracted employee - get me out of here!

A heavy dose of reality came to the world of reality TV in France this week, as three contestants from top-rated show Temptation Island took the production company to court for infringing their employment rights, and won. In a move which has already sent other shows' contestents scrabbling for their lawyers, Anthony Brocheton, Marie Adamiak and Arno Laizé have been awarded €27,000 compensation for employment law abuses during the 12 day shoot. Holiday pay of €817 and, given France's 35 hour working week, overtime payments of €8,176 were added to €500 for unfair dismissal, €1,500 for wrongful termination and €16,000 for being employed on an illegal contract. Mr Brocheton told how she was continually ordered around by the production company - effectively on call 24 hours a day: “They said it was not work. But for us it was hell.” The court also affirmed that contestants would have other rights of employment, and France could see them going on strike if they feel particularly aggrieved about eating bugs or pretending to be a cat. Can an National Union of Reality Z-listers be far off? Read more at the Times: French court finds TV sex frolics are labour not love