Know your rights: leave and pay for fathers and partners

leave and pay for fathers ad partners leafletIf you are an expectant father or the partner of someone due to give birth or adopt a child, do make sure you check out the latest advice and information on paternity rights, hot off the TUC presses!

Know Your Rights: Leave and Pay for Fathers and Partners covers all your statutory entitlements, including to time off to attend ante-natal appointments, up to two weeks’ paid paternity leave, unpaid parental leave, and flexible working. The booklet explains who is entitled to these rights and how they work following the birth of a child. And with new Shared Parental Leave and Pay legislation coming into effect in April 2015, you can find out how this shake-up could affect – and benefit – you. For example, you may be able to take more time off in the first year and be entitled to more leave pay. With more fathers and partners looking to help share the burden of early childcare, there’s never been a better time to know your rights.

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