March 1 is Work Your Proper Hours Day 2013

Eating lunch at your desk

If staff who regularly work unpaid overtime totted up all the extra hours they put in, and run them from the start of the year they'd be working for free until 1 March 2013. Across the UK, this adds up to nearly two billion unpaid hours, free work worth over £29bn to the economy.

We've been marking this day for 9 years now as Work Your Proper Hours Day. It's a day for staff to think about their work life balance and how it impacts on their health, family life and productivity, as well as for employers to value the unsung - and unrewarded - effort their staff are putting in. If you're working on the 1st of March, make sure to take a proper lunch hour for a change, rather than grabbing a sandwich at your desk, and importantly leave work on time to enjoy your Friday evening.

We've got some resources here on workSMART to help you look at your own work-life balance.

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