Pizza Express takes estimated £1 million slice out of staff tips

Update 3 Sep 2015: Pizza Express finally sees sense over tips. Thank you to everyone who supported this action. 

Over 5,000 people have now signed a petition calling on the popular restaurant chain Pizza Express to stop cheating its hardworking staff out of fair tips. Will you join them?

Like many in the catering business, most Pizza Express workers are paid the national minimum wage. But £6.50 an hour simply doesn't pay the bills in Britain today. Tips aren’t a perk – they’re how many restaurant staff make ends meet.

Pizza Express deducts an 8% ‘admin fee’ from customer credit card tips to process them through the payroll. Transferring tips paid on cards into staff pockets should cost a fraction of that. Other high street rivals have dropped this tight-fisted practice, so why can’t Pizza Express?

Pizza: the action

If this leaves a bad taste in your mouth, show solidarity for low-paid restaurant staff and sign the Pizza Express petition. Fingers crossed, with your support, a change in policy is just around the corner. Until then, keep tipping in cash! 

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