Qatar World Cup 2022: ugly side of beautiful game revealed

The TUC doesn’t just fight for the employment and human rights of workers in the UK. We also work with union movements throughout the world for social justice. And right now, there’s a scandal of global proportions happening right under our noses.

Due to poor health & safety, shocking living conditions and an almost total absence of rights, more than 4,000 workers contracted to build the stadia and infrastructure for the 2022 Qatar World Cup will die before the first ball is kicked. That’s a dozen lives lost a week. 62 workers killed for each game played.

The global brands who will bankroll the multibillion dollar event – the likes of Coke, MacDonalds and Adidas – say they are committed to human rights and high ethical standards in their supply chains. But they’ve been keeping shtum on what’s happening to the workers on the Qatar project. That needs to change.  

Here’s what you can do

We’re waging a campaign to get FIFA’s key corporate partners to apply the pressure needed to prevent thousands of avoidable deaths. Paying FIFA to host a tournament built on appalling exploitation goes against everything they claim to believe in.  As a current or potential customer of these multinationals, please help us pressure them to live up to their own ethical standards.

Find out more and take action

Campaigning like this has a good track record: 20 years ago public opinion forced global brands to do the right thing and stop using sweat shops in their supply chains. Sponsors are risking their good reputations if they fail to influence FIFA and Qatar to improve.

It’s our World Cup. Let’s make sure the beautiful game is something we can all be proud of. Add your voice.


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