TUPE or not toupee...that is the question

Customer service staff facing redundancy in Exeter were almost victims of a hair brained scheme to make them wear wigs on their last day of employment. Nearly half the 300 staff at ClientLogic in Exeter faced redundancy or a move to Scotland. Those moving to Scotlands jobs would have been protected under the Transfer of Undertaking Protection of Employment (TUPE) legislation. Bosses at the company came up with the idea of encouraging staff to wear toupees (see what they did there, TUPE...toupee) on their last day as a "morale boosting" exercise. Unsurprisingly, the idea caused outrage and upset amongst the affected staff, some branding it "appalling". Amended posters and emails omitting the hair piece have since been circulated, although so far no apology has been issued to the staff, the bosses seem to have tried to sweep the whole affair under the rug. Surprisingly the company has declined to comment.