You’reSacked….thanks to YouTube

A British airline pilot has been sacked after footage of him performing a fly by at just 28 feet found it’s way onto popular internet video site YouTube. The incident took place on the maiden flight of the 230 tonne, Cathay Pacific, Boeing 777 at the manufacturers plant in Seattle. With around 60 VIP guests onboard, including the airlines CEO, and to the delight of onlookers and those on the flight (including the CEO), Captain Ian Wilkinson took the jet on a 322mph fly past of the airport control tower. Captain Wilkinson later toasted the flight with champagne and thought nothing more of it until video footage of the stunt started to do the rounds on the internet. Cathay Pacific executives (who obviously weren’t on the flight) took a dim view of his actions and promptly dismissed him from his £250,000 a year job. The reason for the dismissal was that the stunt was apparently carried out “without proper approval” from the airline, although he had cleared it with the control tower. However a fellow Cathay Pacific pilot claimed that Mr Wilkinson's job was only put in jeopardy once the video footage came to light. He said:

"Wilkinson was very much one of the elite in Cathay Pacific and would have been very chummy with the airline executives he was flying that day. If no one else had found out about it the incident would probably have gone no further but once it began circulated on the internet that was the end of him."
Mr Wilkinson is apparently considering an appeal against his dismissal but will have learnt that even having the boss with you doesn’t always guarantee your safe from the firing line, especially if there’s a camera around. More on this story and footage of the incident at: