Is your boss failing the climate change challenge?

As the issue of climate change is highlighted by the Live Earth concerts tomorrow, a survey of workSMART users shows that UK bosses aren't pulling their weight when it comes to saving the planet. When polled less than half of you said you work for an employer with an environmental policy, with employers in London least likely to be green - only 42.3% of you said your employers did, not exactly setting a capital example. They were followed by Scottish employers (43.3%) and bosses in the South East and East (43.6%). You rated employers in the South West as the greenest, with employers in this part of the country scoring over 50% (50.5%). You gave your bosses the thumbs up for encouraging paper recycling, with three-quarters (72.6%) saying their employers encourage them to do so. But bosses scored low marks for encouraging the re-use or recycling of cups. Just one in three employers (34.3%) do enough to encourage this, according to you. You reported that the environmental action you do most often at work was switching off computers and machinery before you went home (72 per cent), but you're not too hot on printing double-sided (23.6%) - must do better! So it's clear that while saving energy at home has become part of the daily routine, there's still a long way to go at work. Employers need to take the issue of greening the workplace seriously, but while we wait for them to catch up you can all keep doing your bit. Even small steps like turning off lights or recycling paper can make a huge impact when everyone gets involved - and will make a much bigger difference to preserving the planet than a random collection of popstars using it as an opportunity to plug their latest tunes.