Your very own Budget Day

When did you last spend some quality time with your bank statements? A lot of us are skimping on our financial planning, claim financial group AXA. Their answer to the problem is My Budget Day, a day for raising awareness of financial planning, which is also supported by bosses' organisation the CBI and the trade union Unite. AXA reckon that working Britons are getting stressed-out about their finances, which isn't good for anyone, and they're calling on employers to do the next best thing short of giving their staff an actual pay rise, and give them some time and support at work to help them sort out their finances. Spending one hour a month reviewing and planning your finances could significantly improve your financial situation, and do wonders for your peace of mind (and hence your productivity at work). David Fleming, Unite National Officer, said: “The link between workplace stress and money is established. Indeed, the biggest cause for the UK’s stress and depression is money worries. Stress affects around 20% of employees in this country, so helping employees to get to grips with their finances will improve a company’s chances of enjoying the benefits of a stress-free workforce.” Richard Lambert, the CBI's Director General, is encouraging his member companies to get involved: "My Budget Day is a brilliant example of corporate responsibility in action and shows how an employer’s role really can extend beyond getting the job done." The initial day is scheduled for this Wednesday (21 November 2007), though AXA hope companies will take it up longer term, and give staff an hour a month to get on top of their money. If you'd like to persuade your own boss to get involved, you can find out more at You might also find a few of our online tools helpful in getting to grips with your money. We've got a tax calculator and payslip reckoner. Our salary checker will tell you what other people doing your job are earning, and we think it's always worth taking a little time to sort out your future finances with our Pensions Doctor tool.