Don't blog yourself out of a job

If you're one of the seven million bloggers in the UK, beware ....the current trend for posting your innermost thoughts, opinions, social life etc and the rise in the popularity of social networking sites could cost you that dream job. A growing number of employers are checking up on potential employees on the internet. Research shows that about 1 in five employers are entering candidates names into search engines or visiting sites such as MySpace and Facebook to find out more about their potential recruits. Of these searches, around a quarter have resulted in applicants being turned down for the job because of the information that has been unearthed on them. Examples include a candidate being on the police wanted list, whilst another potential employee was discovered to have taken part in topless modelling contests. So while bragging about your drunken antics online may seem like a good idea, if you're after that dream job, maybe think twice before sharing or cut out some of the gory details, you never know who might be reading. If you need advice on blogging and work, visit