Did you work your hours?

It seems that Work Your Proper Hours Day struck a bit of a chord with workSMARTers, judging by the results of our little sidebar poll. Over 1,500 of you voted, and we're happy to report that 30.7% (465 people) claimed you'd be making a speical effort to work your hours last Friday, and another 10.5% said you'd be cutting down a bit in order to mark the day. Well done you - we hope you managed to stick to it! In general workSMART users seem pretty sussed on work/life balance, with 39% claiming you normally work your proper hours anyway. Another 9.8% say you love your job so much that you'd rather spend your Friday evening inside (Hope you had as good a Friday night as we did!). More worrying though are the 9.5% who said you'd never dare trying to work your hours - the long hours culture can be pretty well entrenched in some workplaces. Adding this to others who want to cut down means 50.7% are unhappy with their working hours (to varying degrees admittedly!). The trend is downward - Work Your Proper Hours Day was one day earlier this year. But we've clearly still got a long way to go before all the people who want to regulate their hours a bit more are able to do so. Good luck in 2007, and we hope the figures will look a bit different next year!