There are so many career possibilities to choose from. Where do I even start?

Before you enter the world of work for the first time, you have more options than you’ll ever have again. True, not everyone can do everything they want and there are natural limits to each individual’s abilities, but hard work, talent and the desire to learn can go an incredibly long way. That’s how people from even the most disadvantaged backgrounds are able to rise to the top of their industries or professions.

From where you are now, the number of potential career paths you can take is pretty much only limited by your imagination, so now’s the time to let your ideas run wild and free…

On a blank sheet of paper, write down all the jobs you’d dream of doing. Be as bold and ambitious as you can. Fancy being an astronaut? Write it down. A prima ballerina? Write it down. Tinker, tailor, soldier, life guard, furniture restorer, meteorologist, mechanic, plumber? Down it goes. Let one idea trigger another, and get them all down. Don’t be shy – no one else is going to see this list, unless you want them to. It’s not a life plan. It’s just a good way of getting started, of getting the ideas flowing, and it can sometimes tell you things about yourself that you never knew.

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