Why are more and more people going self-employed?

Did you know that a massive 15% of the UK workforce is self-employed? That’s more than 1 in 7 of us! Self-employment in the UK has rocketed in recent years. According to TUC analysis, it accounted for 44% of the net rise in employment between 2010 and 2014.

And these facts point to a rather depressing truth about self-employment in Britain today. The vast majority of self-employed people are more likely to be taxi drivers, carpenters and builders who can’t find the payroll jobs they really want, rather than well-heeled consultants sipping leisurely lattes in posh coffee shops. Sorry to say, self-employment is less a positive life choice than a grim necessity for millions of UK workers.

The assessment of earnings from self-employment in autumn 2014 was £207 a week – less than half that of employees. On top of low wages, they have precious few of the employment rights that employees enjoy