Overtime Calculator

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How much is your unpaid overtime worth?

Many of us work far longer than the hours set out in our contract. And if you’ve got a rewarding job, when there’s a crisis or a rush of orders that may be fair enough. But your extra work should never be taken for granted. That way you end up doing a little more each week until the stress and fatigue starts to count, and you find you’re giving up too much of your personal life.

Of course, if you’re paid overtime then your work is at least being measured and valued. But more and more of us do the kind of white collar jobs that don’t get paid overtime.

Our Overtime Calculator will tell you what you might be missing out on. Just tell us what you earn, how long you're meant to work and how long you actually do work every week. We’ll work out the rest, and tell you when in the year you stop working unpaid overtime, and start earning for yourself.

1. Your salary:


2. Your contract hours:

note: Please use 24 hour notation for times (eg 17:30 rather than 5:30pm)

3. Your actual hours



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