Do the provisions for part-timers cover pension rights?

Yes, the right to be treated no less favourably than comparable full-time workers under the Part-Time Workers Regulations extends to pension scheme benefits.

This means that if your employer provides a company pension scheme to its full-time staff, it must also offer the scheme and the same benefits to its part-timers (on a pro rata basis).

The TUC has estimated that most part-time workers will not be automatically enrolled into the pensions auto-enrolment scheme being rolled out across the UK because their earnings are not high enough to meet the eligibility threshold (£10,000). Earnings from more than one job, where you work part-time for more than one employer, are not added together.

However, part-time workers who earn less than £10,000 a year can ask to take part in auto-enrolment if they want to and, if they earn more than £5,564, their employer may be obliged to make a contribution too.

You can get advice about your pension rights as a part-time workers, including advice as to how auto-enrolment affects you, from the website of the Pensions Advisory Service.

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