I have a zero hours contract and my work requires me to travel from appointment to appointment visiting patients in the community. Should I be paid for this travel time?

Yes. You should be paid at least the National Minimum Wage for time spent travelling between each appointment. This is because you are working during this time. Your schedule is under your employer’s control, and it’s not as if you can go off and decide to do something else with your time, instead of travelling to your next appointment.

In fact it's likely that your employer is keeping a close eye on your schedule, to make sure you are where you are expected to be. If you are not sure of the position, ask your union rep. If you are not yet a union member, browse our Union Finder tool to find the union best suited to your needs.

Note: This content is provided as general background information and should not be taken as legal advice or financial advice for your particular situation. Make sure to get individual advice on your case from your union, a source on our free help page or an independent financial advisor before taking any action.