I understand that in future, some employers must publish data about their gender pay gap. How is this going to work?

The gender pay gap is not the same as equal pay or pay discrimination, but recent changes to the law requiring larger employers to publish information about their gender pay gap should help shine a light on the difference in pay levels of men and women.

Once in force, new regulations will apply to employers of 250 or more employees. These employers will be required to publish information on their website and to submit an annual return to the government.

But there’s quite a while to wait yet before anything will be available for employees to see. Under the new regulations, employers will have to calculate their gender pay gap from April 2017 and to publish the details by April 2018.

The TUC thinks that the new regulations are a start but that they do not go anywhere near far enough. The law should be strengthened, says the TUC, to require employers to publish an action plan for narrowing the gender pay gap in their workplace, and for proper sanctions for employers who refuse to publish this information.

More information about the gender pay gap can be found in this briefing – 'The Gender Pay Gap, facts, causes and solutions', by campaigning charity The Fawcett Society.

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